jQueryUI Projects

  • jQueryUI Extensions - A collection of enhancements and customizations based on the jQuery UI Widget library.
  • jQueryUI MultiSearch - A jQuery UI widget that enables building a list of multiple items using an autocomplete entry box without imposing specific HTML structure or CSS style rules
  • jQueryUI Scrollable - A widget that enables monitoring, querying, or changing the scroll position of an element relative to a scrolling container

Backbone Projects

Miscellaneous Projects

  • CSS3-Only Spinners - An experiment with CSS3 animations to see how well supported and consistently they work. It also gave me a chance to use Sass/Compass to simplify/reuse the style sheets.
  • BaseJS - A helper library for prototyping Javascript objects
  • Non-Linear Interpolated Path Library - Huh? Handy tool for pre-calculating points along various paths formed by curved shapes. Useful for positioning elements on the screen statically or during animations. Performing the calculations first and creating estimated points in an array saves precious Javascript execution time which can be better spent moving things around.
  • Simple OAuth - A helper library for signing OAuth requests in client-side Javascript

Interesting Tests on my Sanbox

  • jQuery UI Spinner Enhancements - I added alternative placement of the spin buttons, reviewed possible ways to force/validate certain entries, and combined a slider with the spinner to provide an accelerated way to move through large ranges.
  • jQuery UI Range Datepicker - Normally, you'd use two pickers. I was interested in using one.
  • Exploding DIVs - Leverage GreenSock's Animation library (TweenLite) and a little physics to smoothly produce this explosion effect.
  • Cracked Glass Effect - Layer several HTML canvas elements over an image and use a variety of canvas API functions to create various different looks.
  • Fireworks Effect - How fast can your browser render this CSS3 3D animation? After positioning several hundred DIVs in 3D space, use the GreenSock Animation library to manipulate the height/width of the elements which forces the browser to render the 3D elements. Right now, limited browser support and performance means that the non-3D version will have to do in the meantime.